About Sunmicro Ink CEO message

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We, Sunmicro Ink is one of the leading companies worldwide in all digital printing ink businesses.

We have always aptly responded to shifts of the customer nee
d and the business environment, in the market, stepping forwa
rd to meet opportunities and encount the challenges with a vig
orous and pioneering spirit whenever we see potential for gro
wth. Our dedicated pursuit of new opportunities and ability to capitalize on challenges has led us to evolve into a leader in digital printing industry.

Currently as there is a growing demand & law regulation for environmental friendliness in digital printing industry, we are greatly focusing on advancing the human’s and an important value through the philosophy of green management which we believe is a way to give benefits back to humans and an impo
rtant principle for the growth of company.

Thanks to all of global partners, employees and investors, we are well-positioned and ready to face today’s challenges and create the most value and benefit in return.
As always, you are an integral part of our success and will never take your trust for granted.

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