Product ink SunGreen Eco Solvent Ink

As environmental friendliness is becoming more important everyday due to the harmfulness of traditional solvent ink to human's health and environment, Sunmicro Ink has introduced pure environmental friendly Eco Solvent Ink, "SunGreen Eco" finally after a long time development period and successful field test.

SunGreen Eco is a pure environment friendly Eco Solvent Ink without any harmful chemicals and odorless of conventional solvent Ink.

Our main target is to make a pure Eco Solvent Ink which is friendly for environment and human' health, while saving the functions of traditional solvent Ink such as long outdoor durability and strong ink adhesion on any substrates.
Key Advantages
Pure Environmental Friendliness without any harmful chemicals, Cyclohexanone, Benzene, Toluene, Xylene, Isophorone.
Outstanding color expression with wide color gamut and high density
Superior and Stable Ink flow with no clog, securing long life time of print head.
Optimized Ink adhesion on any coated or uncoated substrates and faster Ink dry.
Long outdoor durability with strong water, UV and scratch resistance.
Odorless unlike solvent Ink & No allegic reaction
SunGreen Eco is finely designed and formulated to maximize the performance and reliability of each printer. It has a
good compatibility with original OEM Ink of main Eco Solvent printers such as Roland, Mutoh, Mimaki,
It does not require users to waste costly time and ink during change-over procedure, increasing the work productivity.

SunGreen Eco also has an excellent compatibility with the majority of standard printing materials available.

Product Detail
Ink Type Code Color Contents Print Head Printer
Eco solvent
Pigment Ink
Black / Deep Black
Cleaning Liquid
Cartridge (440ml)
Bulk (1 Liter)
Bulk (20 Liter)
DX4, DX5
DX6, DX7
Mimaki JV3 / JV5 / JV33
Roland SJ, XJ, XC, SP,VP
Mutoh Valujet, Rockhopper Roland SJ,XC,XP,VP,RS,RE,etc.
Mimaki JV3/JV33/JV5,etc.
Mutoh Valujet, Rockhopper,etc.
Epson GS6000
> SGE stands for SunGreen Eco.