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>>Premium Grade Dye sublimation transfer paper

Key Advantages
Excellent Ink transferring rate (more than 98%)
Wrinkle free
Superior Ink Absorption.
Product Detail
Standard Paper
100 gsm Standard Paper
100 gsm Standard Paper
58 gsm Quick Dry Paper
Standard Paper Advantages
Excellent ink transferring rate (more than 98%)
Renders the richest colors and maintains truest tone
Outstanding ink holding and Isntant dry
Suitable for soft or hard surface application
Sticky Paper
100 gsm Full Sticky Paper
73 gsm Full Sticky Paper
Sticky Paper Advantages
Adequate stickness on surface of transfer paper
Removing the shadow effect
Stable coupling of transfer paper and fabric
High ink transferring rate & fast drying time
Available Size Sublimation Paper
1,620mm(64”) X 100M
1,600mm(63”) X 100M
1,370mm(54”) X 100M
1,320mm(52”) X 100M
1,280mm(50”) X 100M
1,118mm(44”) X 100M
914mm(36”) X 100M
610mm(24”) X 100M
420mm(17”) X 100M
A3 X 100pcs
A4 X 100pcs